Sarkar Office Japan KK is a "Bridging Consulting and Administrative Legal Services" firm involved in providing “One Stop Solution for Market Entry Support” to entry and post-entry-level administrative-legal business services to foreign companies and entrepreneurs since 1993.

Since 1993 the firm has been providing Administrative Legal Services to foreign corporations to Small & Medium Size Enterprises to Multi-National Corporations, Japanese corporations, Indian conglomerate, emerging growth cos., government agency, semi-government organizations, NGOs, NPO, and new start-up companies in Japan re Legal Business-entity establishment, Japan branch registration, Japan subsidiary local company registration, Accounting, Payroll, Social Insurance, Corporate & Individual Tax, Immigration, day to day business operational support, and all related business administrative services to set-up and run the local Japan business operation of clients hassle-free and with a controlled & preplanned strategy in a most cost-effective manner.

Since 1995 the firm has been providing “Consulting Services” Marketing, Management & Bridging Consulting, market-entry planning, implementation process support, business auditing, practical-based target market research in association with the conventional research approach, and market development services. However, the Founding Director has over three decades of experience as a Marketing, Management & Bridging Consultant, Business Auditor (Cisco Systems), and Paralegal Advisor in Japan & Asia and has extensive knowledge as a “Consultant.”

Since 2006~07, the firm has been providing Bridging Consulting services, marketing, procurement, market research, market development, business planning & implementation process support, “Bridging the Gap” in areas such as Cultural, Business Ethics, Traditional difference & Language barriers, etc. franchising, joint ventures, technology transfer, licensing arrangement, business negotiation, localization, etc. vide camp office in Mumbai, the commercial center of India. The service mainly focuses on bridging the gap between Japan and Indian businesses & vice versa and supporting Japanese companies interested in doing business in India for both pre and post-entry-level business consulting support.

Arup Sarkar, Senior Consultant, the founding director, has over three decades of experience as a Management, Marketing, Bridging Consultant, & Cisco Auditor & Paralegal Advisor, handling multi-industry and nationality clients in Japan & Asia.
Extensive knowledge & expertise in diversified clientele from MNC to SMEs in Japan for both entry & post-entry-level & in planning and implementation of market development plan including setting up the legal business entity and managing clients Japan operation.
Many years of experience as a Business Auditor in Japan & S-Korea for CISCO SYSTEMS.

All other Directors and official representatives have decades of professional experience in Japan's administrative and legal services, such as Japan Company Establishment, Accounting, Payroll, Social Insurance, Corporate and Individual Tax, and other related fields. All other supporting associate Consultants have several years of experience and are trained professionals in Consulting & Administrative Services besides a small team supporting administrative staff.

Sarkar Office Japan KK has extensive knowledge and experience serving a multi-industry and diversified clientele of various nationalities, including multinational companies, major Japanese companies, the Indian conglomerate, small & medium size companies, emerging growth companies, NGO, NPO, government agencies, semi-government organizations, and new start-up companies.