Sash Window specialists Ventrolla specialise in the renovation of sash windows, casement windows, other timber windows and doors for over 25 years.

Through our national network of craftsmen, we have established ourselves as the market leader in sash window and casement window renovation, offering a guaranteed and unique service that avoids the need for unnecessary and costly replacement.

Traditional sash windows are an essential feature of a period building’s character. Therefore, it is vital to retain them, not only because of the aesthetic appeal, but because they add value to your property.

Maintaining these traditional features previously meant compromising on comfort. Not with Ventrolla! Our unique sash window Renovation and Performance Upgrade service makes problems associated with older windows such as draughts, rattles, rot and operational issues, a thing of the past, allowing you to enjoy your traditional wooden windows regardless of the weather outside, whilst reducing your energy costs.

On our website we have provided you with all the information you need to understand Our Service for sash windows, casement windows and doors, including the Benefits of our system.