Satin Serenity, an Idaho-based luxury satin products manufacturer, was founded in 2004 by former paramedics and life-long friends Lisa Damron and Crista Sellman-Jones.  The idea for the company began with a family beauty secret passed down from Crista's grandmother- sleeping on satin pillowcases.  Known for reducing hair damage, minimizing sleep lines on the face, and maintaining moisture balance in the hair and skin, Crista's satin pillowcase is still considered her best anti-aging secret. Her grandmother had always made satin pillowcases for her family using the highest quality satin and craftsmanship.  Knowing that this same quality was not available in stores, Crista and Lisa began making and marketing their flagship product, the Satin Serenity Pillowcase, which they initially sold online and at local craft shows.  Before long, their pillowcases earned a reputation for their high quality and were being recommended by top beauty professionals from hair stylists to cosmetic surgeons.  Today, Satin Serenity's Pillowcases are top-sellers in the finest spas, salons, and resorts in the USA and Canada, and were even featured in People Magazine Style Watch as reality star Kim Kardashian's beauty secret.  

The demand for additional satin luxury products grew quickly with the popularity of the satin pillowcases.  With the recent removal of pillows from most major airlines, the Satin Serenity Travel Pillow, which offers all the same beauty benefits as their satin pillowcases, was an intuitive fit to their product line.  The Travel Pillow provides travelers with a convenient and luxurious solution to travel comfort.  Packaged in a convenient carrying case with satin handles, the faux-down pillow is encased with a satin pillowcase and allows travelers to truly "get their beauty rest."  

In 2006, Satin Serenity began responding to numerous requests from spa owners to design and manufacture a line of luxury spa linens and apparel.  Spa owners and managers were looking for ways to create a more upscale environment and a memorable experience for their spa guests, and providing luxurious spa linens was a perfect way to achieve both.  With the advice of a well known spa consultant, Satin Serenity designed and manufactured an entire line of professional spa linens and apparel that included treatment table sheets, spa blankets, table skirts, table drapes, face cradle covers, boudoir pillows, robes, and body wraps.  Satin Serenity’s spa linens are not only beautiful, but extremely durable for spa operations, typically lasting 2-3 times longer than cotton linens, and support sustainability with long lasting durability and low energy usage during laundering.  Most of the energy usage in the laundering process occurs in the dryer and since satin dries in half the time that cotton does, using Satin Serenity’s spa linens cuts energy usage in half.  Satin Serenity’s spa linens have graced the covers of some of the leading industry magazines such as DaySpa Magazine, and were also featured internationally in the Spa Asia Magazine.  Their linens and apparel can now be enjoyed at day spas, med spas, and resort spas in four countries.  

Satin Serenity’s products are available for retail purchase online at SatinSerenity.com, and through retailers across the U.S., which are listed on the website.  Their professional line of spa linens and apparel are also featured on their website, and can be seen at upcoming spa trade shows such as the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conference (IECSC) in Las Vegas, Nevada April 24-26.  

Satin Serenity’s co-founders, Crista Sellman-Jones and Lisa Damron look forward to continuing their vision of developing timeless, durable, and exquisitely beautiful products for home and spas, and are excited about the upcoming launch of two new products.  They plan to continue manufacturing their products in the USA and using the highest quality American made fabrics and materials.