Since its birth in 1985, the Satya Paul look is a strong interplay of patterns and colors that the New York Times has hailed as ‘works of Kinetic Art’. The label’s look is distinguished and identifiable on the street. The Satya Paul design team creates designs taking inspiration from objects from the real world and the environment, thereby coming up with refreshing new designs and products that capture its customer’s imagination– this has been the brand’s design philosophy and what sets Satya Paul apart.

Having re-invented the traditional sari as a modern classic, the Satya Paul product line also comprises of delightful western clothing that ranges from evening dresses and gowns, sun dresses, tunics and kaftans. It also includes a vast selection of accessories for both men and women such as scarves, handbags, clutches, ties, cufflinks and pocket squares, as well as an entire range of classic bridal wear.