Savi Trading is a proprietary trading and trader training company founded by former Investment Bank and Hedge Fund traders. The firm has a variety of market recognised trading courses offering hands on training from professional traders with a collective wealth of top-tier experience of over 60 years, which aim to help you progress along the path to becoming a profitable trader.

During the past few years trading has become more and more prominent with statistics showing that an increasing amount of people are turning their hand to trying to profit from the ever changing financial markets. Savi Trading, with its industry experience and technical expertise, is the ideal place for you to pick up the required skills to ensure you become a successful trader.

Savi are looking to build up its team of company traders, and high achievers will be given the opportunity to trade an account funded by the company with a competitive profit split.

Their industry-wide recognised courses have also helped a number of candidates secure roles at top-tier investment banks and hedge funds such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley to name a few, so it is a great experience to have on your CV in these times where the top firms are looking for more than just a degree.

So whether you are set on becoming a proprietary trader or looking for an edge to get you the top jobs, the trading courses will be of great benefit to you. The Savi Trading Career Centre will aid you in all aspects of enhancement of your career, from interview techniques to the introduction of exceptional candidates to recruiters within the Financial Industry.