We are a young company but one with a heritage steeped in the savings industry.

We (Sue Hannums and Anna Bowes) set up this business because it is apparent that there is a big gap in Independent Financial Advice – namely advice on where to put your savings. Many advisers either simply don’t advise on cash (savings) products, or they do it in a sporadic and ad hoc way, often dependent on what they can find online at a particular point in time.  Considering that everyone really needs to keep some money in easily accessible savings for emergencies, this is shocking.

We have done some detailed research into websites that offer comparisons of savings rates and you'd be forgiven for being baffled by the abundance of savings products around. Many of these sites are often compromised, incomplete, difficult to navigate or all of the above - and quite simply are not specialists in savings. In addition, there is very little opportunity to speak to someone from these websites, to get some personal guidance on the best type of savings account, or the best savings account rates.

Why is Savings Champion different?

Our website is dedicated to savers and savings accounts. We wanted to produce a straightforward, straight talking savings site that is totally independent, looks at the whole of the market, and offers the following benefits;

Best Buy tables

Our Best Buy Tables show the best five savings accounts in eight different categories, such as Easy Access Accounts and Variable Rate ISAs. Anna & Sue (human beings!) will compile these tables, so they will not simply be the best rates on the market picked by a computer. There will have been a process followed to determine if the accounts are actually what they appear to be, and therefore whether they should appear on the Best Buy tables.  This is a completely independent, uncompromised process.

The savings account Best Buy Tables include a calculator that allows you to enter how much you intend to save and then indicates the amount of interest you would earn over 12 months, assuming the rates don’t change.  This will be based on the AER rate (or the monthly gross rate for the Monthly Income table) and will show either gross interest, net of basic rate tax, if you are a tax payer, or tax free interest if you're looking at ISAs. This tool allows you to personalise the Best Buy Tables and then to compare just how much difference the rates of interest, offered by the various savings account best buys, will make to you.

One Minute Rate Check

This provides the opportunity to give your savings account an MOT – tell us the name of the account and we’ll let you know what the current interest rate is, and whether something better is available.   At this stage, the results will indicate the gross rate and/or AER rate of both the savings account you currently hold and the current Best Buy account that is open to new customers.  We'd recommend you then click through to the full Best Buy tables before making any decisions, so that you can read more information about the account shown and decide whether it's appropriate for you.

Rate Tracker

Once we’ve provided you with the comparison between the interest rate your current savings account is offering, and the most appropriate Best Buy savings account, we can then track your savings accounts - to let you know if there are any changes on the savings account you hold and to inform you if, or when, something better comes along.  We are confident that Rate Tracker is unique and could help to revolutionise the way you save.

Rate Tracker Concierge Service

Looking to build a portfolio of savings accounts but don’t want the hassle?
Rate Tracker Concierge spreads the risk whilst achieving the best savings rates on the market.  You sit back and relax while we research, choose, monitor and manage your portfolio for you.

Rate Tracker Concierge Service is right for you if:
• You always want the best savings rates
• You always want your savings fully protected by the FSCS (Financial Services Compensation Scheme)
• You always want control - we don't hold clients' money
• You always want hassle-free proactive management of your savings accounts

There is an annual charge of 0.20% of your savings portfolio (subject to a minimum fee of £295). We feel that this service will offer best value for those with more than £100,000.

Telephone Based Help

If you are still confused, you can ring us - 0800 321 3581 - and ask for help.  We will then be able to direct you to the most appropriate part of the website, give you some guidance on the type of savings accounts that may be the most appropriate for you, or offer you contact with an IFA if you need advice about anything other than savings accounts.