Our Story of Healthy Organic Gourmet Dog Treats


Our mission: The goal of SavvyBeast Treats LLC is to produce the highest quality organic gourmet dog treats providing superior nutritional value for your best friend.

Queny Villanueva was born in a little town in Colombia, South America. At age 15, she landed in the U.S.A., her new home, with a handful of dreams, most of which she has proudly achieved.

Always the animal lover, Queny has worked as the Administrator of a Veterinary Hospital. She also possesses an insatiable passion for cooking and healthy eating. Here is her story as she, herself, tells it.


“In 1992, after my first dog Kico was diagnosed with bone cancer, I was quite devastated and had the opportunity to work for Dr. Martin Goldstein, one of the finest holistic veterinarians in the country. The experience and knowledge gained from him has proven invaluable.”

“I grew up in an environment where I did not have to worry about food additives, by-products and food processing. My father cultivated almost everything that we ate, so that was how I viewed food as healthy and natural. I later learned how many additives and by-products are unnecessarily processed into our food and animals’ foods.”

“Even after cooking healthy food for my dogs for so many years, I still lost my second dog Alexander to cancer. This was a tremendous loss for me and I started learning more about dog nutrition and dog health. Alexander, my beloved buddy, these healthy and organic, gourmet SavvyBeast DogStars treats are dedicated to you!”

“My two Papillions, Ruben and Sebastian, have been my best taste testers, and overwhelmingly rate it five great big stars! With this sterling product, I feel confident that in some way I am contributing to better health for all dogs and that makes me feel great- you can wag your tail on it!”

“I just know that you and your best friend will thoroughly enjoy DogStars because I am  confident that I have made the best and healthiest gourmet organic treats available for your best friend. Give them a try, your dog will thank you for it.”

“Enjoy as you emBark upon a fantastic healthy journey with your best friend.”

- Queny Villanueva


Over the last three years, Queny has worked on formulating these organic dog treats, with many trips to the lab to assure that her recipe adheres to the highest standards possible. The Cornell University Department of Foods and Science teamed Queny up with Dhyneshwar Chawan, Ph.D., known as one of the premier food scientists in the world.

DogStars is registered with New York Agriculture and Markets & Made in the U.S.A.