With a growth rate of over 13,000%, as compiled by Foundr Magazine and reviewed by the IMEAA (International Media, Marketing Expo & Accounting Association), Los Angeles software, business consulting and strategic business education company, Scale 365 Technologies, has been rated as the #1 Los Angeles emerging SaaS and #1 Los Angeles Business Growth Training company and technology platform.

COO & Advisor, L. F. Vargas, whose past experience includes being a past co-founder of four "Inc. 500" companies [Strategic Marketing & Media, Local Leads HQ, Strategic Edge Profits, and Brand TM], raved about the findings and pointed to extraordinary results the company has achieved for a global clientele in various verticals, including service, healthcare, insurance, biotech, manufacturing, B2B/B2C and eCommerce.

Mr. Vargas said, "Scale 365's sole mission is to implement strategic business and technology, marketing know-how, marketing software and technology so that we are get a major growth, visibility and increase in sales for clients...

Since we are also business management consultants we take a different approach and view than 90% of companies. We look from the inside out and concentrate and consult at decreasing costs and inefficiencies in scaling finance, operations, distribution, manufacturing increasing sales efficiencies, while looking for ways to decrease costs."

Scale 365's business growth and technology systems dramatically increase company branding, multiple points of customer engagement and follow-up (before & after a transaction), traffic, in-bound calls, walk-in's, sales conversions, we also look to create additional products or services for increase customer frequency and, lastly, joint-ventures with non-competing products or services for enhanced side revenue streams. In addition, they have sales training so businesses do not waste customer traffic.

Vargas further explained,"We are proud of what we can accomplish for clients and stand by our track record of delivering more revenue and growth to clients. Using our patented software platform for Phone Apps, Text Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, VoiceMail Marketing or affiliate traffic, we use and ensure all available cross channel marketing methods to bring the highest traffic and repeat business for the lowest possible ROI."

Finally, Vargas stated, "We typically like to work with and engage in joint-ventures with select companies that have a minimum $500,000 to $10 million in gross sales. Visit our website at http://www.Scale365.net. We're help to help you grow your brand and business FAST!"

About Scale 365

Scale 365 is a premier global software, business growth consulting, and online technology company based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Their patented Software/Technology Systems are designed to increase sales.

Scale 365 offers strategic business consulting, growth strategies, mergers and acquisitions consulting, funding and IPO consulting through its resource network, and JV opportunities designed for hyper-growth. Average client revenue growth increase, after engaging Scale 365 is 85.2% in 12 months. They offer a guaranteed ROI.

Their industry experience includes automotive, healthcare, insurance, real estate, eCommerce, finance/banking, manufacturing, consumer products, legal, construction/services and retail.