ScalesForBusiness.com is a website provided by Atlantic Supply for the sale of quality scales at competitive prices.  The parent company Atlantic Supply has 5 regional warehouses in Florida and Alabama.  Atlantic Supply has sold drilling equipment and material testing supplies for more then 2 decades.  Calibration services for scales and all types of material testing equipment is available in our many locations as well as on-site in Florida.
We supply Baroid and Wyo-Ben drilling muds and additives as well as all the tooling for environmental, geotechnical, foundation, direct push, directional and sink hole drilling and investigations.
When it comes to quality material testing supplies we offer everything from the smallest to the largest equipment for soils, concrete and asphalt testing.  Many calibration services are available for the devices we sell.  We also offer a free e-mail notification service when your device is due for calibration renewal.
Orders may be placed for scales at ScalesForBusiness.com and at AtlanticSupply.com for other items.  We offer over 15,000 products.  Therefore, we sell much more than what is listed on our websites.  Our friendly customer service staff awaits your call at 800-569-8950.