Sensory Branding is becoming a major buzz word to brand owners because of aroma's unique ability to make products smell and taste better and to connect with consumers on an emotional level.

ScentSational Technologies is the leader in Olfaction Packaging technologies. Since its inception in 1997, ScentSational has emerged as the go to company for aroma emitting packaging as they are the innovators who have developed, patented and are now licensing this technology to brand owners. ScentSational uses only FDA approved food grade flavors for this process which makes it totally safe for use in foods and beverage packaging as well as consumer products. These are the same type of flavors used by food and beverage companies to flavor their products, but instead of putting it in the product, ScentSational's technology puts the flavors right into the packaging. Brand Owners across the globe are working with ScentSational to use their CompelAroma® - Encapsulated Aroma Release™ technology to deliver a fresh and stable aroma profile. Benefits include masking off odors, emitting a positive fresh aroma profile, CompelAroma® is an effective delivery system for a brands signature aroma which can be trademarked. For more information visit www.Scentt.com or call Steven Landau at 215-938-0511.