Scentsy offers the best in Wickless Candles, scentsy candles are unique, safe, and very High Quality. Scentsy offers many High Quality Products, ranging from Scented Car Candles to Plug in Candle Warmers to Room sprays, and of Course Deluxe Candle Warmers.

Scentsy Candles are a Unique Candle Warming system that uses a 25 watt bulb to warm the wax slowly into a pool of melted wax that maximizes the strength and life of the scent. Scentsy Candle bars last up to 80 hours and will never release the harmful chemicals that you can find in regular jarred candles.

Over a 12 month period using Scentsy Warmers as apposed to jarred candles you can easily save over $140.00. Not only will you save money using Scentsy Candles, but when your done you will be left with a beautiful house decoration instead of a charred black, empty jar.

Scentsy also offers a great opportunity to start your own wickless Candle Business with great growth opportunities. Whether your looking for a part time job, full time job, or just a little extra cash. The possibilities are endless for people who are dedicated to working and growing their business. Be your own boss, work your own hours and make friends doing it.

Scentsy Offers One of the Most Generous Compensation Plans in the Industry, you can make Over 30% Commission off Every Sale and up to 9% Royalties off your Entire Downline Volume, that adds up VERY Quickly.