The workers’ compensation firm of Schafer Law proudly represents clients in Stamford, Connecticut and the surrounding counties of Fairfield and New Haven.  A workplace injury can be devastating for the victim and can place financial hardship on a household due to the costs of medical care and the possible temporary or permanent disability rendering the worker unable to earn a living.  Certain high stress jobs such as law enforcement can create conditions of heart disease and hypertension.  Heavy manual labor can cause neck and back injuries.  Jobs that require repetitive motions can cause certain conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome.  Slip & fall accidents, car accidents and many others account for a large number of personal injuries and deaths each year.  It is important to have legal representation at each step of the workers’ compensation claim including submission of the claim, at hearings, and appeal if necessary.  Learn more about the firm and the attorneys at https://www.schafer-and-schafer.com .