The School of Rock is the premier performance-based after school music program for kids 8 - 18 years old. The curriculum consists of individual lessons, group rehearsals and live concerts in rock venues. Students enjoy weekly one-on-one lessons with a professional musician, weekly group rehearsals with their peers, all of which leads up to performing a live concert in real rock venue every four months.

Students at the School of Rock experience what it is like to be a professional musician. In addition to studying music (including music theory) they also learn stage performance and how to market their shows. They learn teamwork through the group rehearsals as well as the skills to lead and the skills to follow and the ability to discern when to do which.

The School of Rock Music accepts students from the beginner level through pre-professional and it is not uncommon for School of Rock Music students to pursue a college degree in music, followed by a career in Music.

The School of Rock was founded in 1998 and has grown to more than 150 schools worldwide. Students who went to the School of Rock Music are now beginning to work at Schools of Rock across the country, thus further advancing the community aspect of the Schools.

In addition to the year-round performance program School of Rock Music students are also afforded the opportunity to audition to participate in a summer tour and a national band called the School of Rock All Stars.