School's Cool is a unique 72-hour Kindergarten readiness program designed for preschool aged children from 3 to 5 years of age.  Its curriculum provides a clear connection between specific play experiences and learning outcomes that contribute to success in school-these outcomes are both objective and measurable through the use of our Developmental Checklist and evaluation process.  Part of the programs uniqueness is that it can be easily adapted for culture and demographic of participants.  The customization of each program allows for ease of use for existing early learning programs within both Kindergarten and preschool child care environments.  

The School's Cool Kindergarten readiness curriculum provides differentiated learning in a variety of play-based experiences. There are 122 measurable activities specifically designed to enhance integrated learning across 4 developmental areas (language, reasoning, social, and self-help) which are all critical factors to ensure a child's success in Kindergarten. With a strong emphasis on the inherent strengths and competencies of each child  the program seeks to improve self-esteem and create enthusiasm for learning in both children and their parents - ultimately preparing both  for Kindergarten readiness.

Whether School's Cool is delivered prior to Kindergarten entry or embedded into a Kindergarten curriculum the fundamentals of the School's Cool program remain the same-to ensure developmental advancement in whatever capacity for each child. Through the play based learning experience and outcome focused curriculum the program is driven by the Developmental Checklist which allows for clearly stated learning outcomes that then aid the instructors in their observation and documentation of child skill development.  All of these components combined allow the instructors to respond daily to the changing individual needs of each child.

School's Cool not only prepares children for Kindergarten but it prepares and engages the parents as well.  The parent involvement strategies are proven to help even the most vulnerable families increase their confidence and attitude about school and their child's education.  These strategies include parent sessions, newsletters, daily parent check-ins and information boards and updates.  School's Cool familiarizes parents with: the important role they play in their child's preschool education, everyday activities that help to promote early learning and school routines and expectations to ensure the transition to school is a positive experience for the entire family.

The School's Cool program has a built-in evaluation component that enable both accurate and objective results when assessing each child's developmental skill set.  The School's Cool Developmental Checklist is the tool used specifically for observing and tracking these skills.  The Checklist is comprised of a detailed listing of specific learning skills broken into developmentally appropriate levels of ability.  Using this Checklist to track language, reasoning, social and self help enables instructors to focus their curriculum individually.  In fact, results show that skill development is increased by an average of 51 weeks per child!

School's Cool has a multitude of benefits including:
- Promoting a positive and enthusiastic learning environment
-Providing engagement strategies for parents
- Professional development skills for teachers through online and face to face training
-Encouraging community partnerships
-Increasing confidence, competency and self worth for each child
-Offering a customized delivery package that can be implemented across cultures, demographics and learning levels
-Improveing individual and group learning
-Providing a team approach to teaching and learning
-Creating a dynamic and play based learning environment

The School's Cool philosophy to Kindergarten Readiness and preschool education is to focus on the strengths and competencies of children through a solution focused approach.  As the drop out rate continues to increase throughout North America, it is integral that a successful start to a child's school experience be the cornerstone to a lifetime of success, School's Cool delivers this program.