Schoolscapes Incorporated announces the opening of its North American Office that will promote fitness and learning in a new concept of school playground design.

Chris Leavold, President and C.E.O. of Schoolscapes Incorporated, announced today that U.S. and Canadian Childcare Centers and K-5 Schools now have the same opportunities that British and European schools have had for many years. Schoolscapes is bringing its unique and innovative approach to schoolyard play and to learning in the outdoor classroom.
The emphasis of the Schoolscapes concept is to get children out into the open air for as much of the school day as possible and to provide them with stimulating and safe surroundings in which to develop an understanding of and connection with the environment, to be physically fit through movement and exercise and to learn about materials and their properties through hands-on experimentation and experience. Combined with a healthy eating message and opportunities to grow and taste fresh produce, Schoolscapes promotes a healthier future for our kids and the environment.
With a full range of Schoolscapes play equipment due to be manufactured in the USA the company currently has an exclusive range of its own products available in the North American market. Strategic partnerships with established US companies such as Playland Incorporated of Carrollton GA, Frog Furnishings of Olathe KS and Freenotes of Hesperus CO ensure that Schoolscapes has a cohesive offering of products to fulfill its design criteria.
The company’s origins are in the Landscape Architecture profession and they encourage and promote the use of ‘natural’ elements in a playscape. These can range from using or creating landscape features such as mounds and slopes to using sections of tree trunk, rock configurations or sand to create playgrounds that fit with their natural surroundings - very different from the brightly colored plastic and metal of many ‘conventional’ playgrounds.
Architects, Landscape Architects and other designers and specifiers are welcome to contact Schoolscapes or refer clients to discuss their projects and get expert input on playspace design.
Full commitment to Customer Service is a hallmark of Schoolscapes’ client relationships and the emphasis on consultation and design ensure that the end result will meet with the expectations and approval of the kids in the playground, their parents and everyone involved in the fundraising process.