Founded in 2003 by Ann Williams and Dean Schwartz, Schwilliamz Creative Consultants, Inc. is a leading global footwear design and strategy consultancy based just outside Boston, MA.

With an approach rooted in creativity, design thinking and collaboration, the firm’s services address all footwear design and development needs, from supplementing in-house design teams to overseeing the entire footwear design and development process. Schwilliamz helps clients worldwide succeed in an ever-changing marketplace by designing commercially successful and award-winning footwear, devising and applying sound strategies, and reliably delivering positive results.

As subject matter experts, the firm's principals also provide guidance on matters related to footwear products, consumers, companies, and markets, including litigation support on intellectual property and patent infringement issues. In addition, they offer valuable footwear industry related insight and perspective to bolster the decision-making processes of private equity and venture capital firms, as well as their portfolio companies.