We measure the difference between the opening line and the result of each game for each team during the college football season. We do this two ways. We keep track of the accumulative team totals on a weekly scoreboard spreadsheet for quick reference. We also track the weekly team point variance through charts so we can find real time trends on each team each week during season.

We segment the 130 teams by the best 15 against the opening line and the worst 15 against the opening line to find upcoming matchups. This service has four fantastic advantages for the gambler. First, you get a different perspective on how to look at each matchup. Second, it gets you out of the rut of betting the same way each time. Third, these tools will save you money by letting you know when you are getting ready to make a bad bet.  Fourth, it simply works, your win percentage will improve!

If you would like the details of our program, we provide perspective customers with a free e-book detailing the program and how the reader can actually make the spreadsheets and charts themselves. Trust me, there is no bait and hook. The simple fact is most people do not have 40 hours per season to put this information together. We do. That is what we sell.

We will provide it for you for $14.95 per season. The best part is it works. You get access to 15 weeks of weekly spreadsheets and team charts and as well as 12 weekly matchup sheets for less than $1.00 per week. Go ahead, Order Now!