Screenwriter Services is a one-stop-shop helping writers develop their screenplays to     the highest potential. Our literary consultants are experienced industry professionals providing spot-on Script analysis (coverage & story notes); Editing (grammar, spelling, punctuation & syntax); Re-writes (dialogue, characterization, structure & storyline). Screen adaptations from story ideas, outlines, treatments, novels and other material    are available as well.

This process of breaking down the raw elements of story structure, characterization, dialogue, etc., involves considerable time and effort.  The consultants are paid per assignment to help writers improve their material and to develop strategies of efficient marketability.

The consultants have also been successful assisting many writers with creating business strategies to promote their screenplays. These marketing plans are invaluable tools for anyone trying to get their projects noticed without personal know-how or savvy industry guidance. This includes a full consultative map of the best ways to submit and market your scripts to studios, production companies and film distributors.
With two decades of expertise, the consultants have represented Oscarä nominated screenwriters and have worked directly with *Universal Pictures, Disney, Warner Bros., Columbia Pictures/Screen Gems, Bold Films and CBS Television. We continue diligently to network through a pipeline of A-list connections to ensure client satisfaction.

Unlike agents and personal managers, our team at Screenwriter Services won’t let your script sit on a shelf and collect dust.  We take a pro-active approach to guide you through the process of nurturing your project and elevating it to well-established decision makers in the film & television community.

Constructive criticism is an essential part of the creative process.  Beyond comments from family and friends, a screenwriter should be seeking professional advice. It’s an important first step towards identifying and eradicating possible flaws within your screenplay. Take the initiative and ensure that it will be submitted in the best light.  

Give your screenplay the necessary exposure it deserves. First, take a moment to learn more about our comprehensive services then contact us for an initial complimentary consultation.  

Have a blessed day!