Scribbaloo Limited is a small indie development team of two artists/Moms turned app developers and is a proud member of MomsWithApps.com. Co-founded by Mary Noonan and Fionnuala Hanahoe, Scribbaloo Limited creates apps for younger children using real stuff like cardboard, lollipop sticks, felt, sticky tape, foil and any other materials we can get our hands on! Scribbaloo apps entertain, encourage learning, cause much giggling and inspire kids using them to think “I might give this making thing a go in real life one day!”. Mary Noonan and Fionnuala Hanahoe met while sharing an artist’s studio in The Red Stables in Dublin, Ireland. Between them, they have facilitated hundreds of art workshops, over several years, with thousands of children. From this experience they have learned that while creative workshops are an important and fun amenity for kids, they are not always frequent and accessible enough for parents. So they decided to go digital with their knowledge and founded Scribbaloo Limited in 2013. To learn more, read blog posts and watch cool craft videos go to www.scribbaloo.com.