Scuba Diving Specialist
There is nothing ordinary about Scuba Diving, so do not use an ordinary writer for your diving content or business planning. Get a specialist.

Scuba divers are like motorcyclist, there is an instant infinity between them. Most of us have a passion for diving. We bask in the shared excitement of diving and often tell "war" stories of our different dives to other divers. We share details of good dives and bad, talk about our favorite dive sites and almost worship our diving kit. We get tips from more experienced divers and pass on our golden nuggets of knowledge to those new to the sport.

When we are on a dive boat, be it a six pax or something larger, we tend to judge other divers skills as we get ready to dive. We may subconsciously judge who we can trust and who we might need to keep an eye on and hopefully it not the diver the dive master "assigned" as our dive buddy.

Just as we can often tell if a diver is "faking" it on a dive boat, pretending to be more skilled then they are, we can read an article and tell if the writer is a qualified diver as well.

As an example, I once came across an article online about one of my favorite dive sites. Much of the material in the article was copied from pages in my diving book just slightly reworded. As I read it, it appeared to me that the re-writer was not a diver. One sentence really confused me. It stated that the wreck became visible at 60 feet. That wreck is only in 20 to 30 feet of water. It took me a few seconds to realize that I had wrote that the dive site had up to 60 feet of visibility. Clearly a rewrite mistake a diver would not make. How often have you cringed at a news article when you read about the "oxygen" bottles that scuba divers use?

Do not turn your reader off by poor writing, it will only reflect badly on you. Let me help you provide the quality content your readers desire, so they return to your site often. We can make you the scuba diving authority.