SeabestLand, the international real estate company, has announced it will be exhibiting this year in the prestigious Gilproekt real estate fair in the Russian city of St. Petersburg.
Seablestland is an internacional real estate company with offices in London, Barcelona and Moscow and is known for offering quality real estate assets and lifestyle products in Spain. Sarin Balasanian, Group Marketing Director explained more about the company’s activity in St. Petersburg.
“At Seabestland we have seen a significant increase in the number of Russians who wish to buy property and spend more time in Spain. Not only Russian tourism in Spain is on the increase, but residential tourism, people buying a holiday home or actually looking to move to Spain, is growing at a considerable rate. As a result we decided to come to the Gilproekt to provide the visitors to the show with an unforgettable opportunity to see our Spanish product portfolio, gain advice on how and where to invest in Spain and, above all, to speak to us and share their views on Spain.”
Gilproekt is a trade fair whose aim is to raise awareness of the different options in the Russian home market for residential real estate. Visitors can visit areas focused on key ready properties, off plan and turnkey projects as well as new build holiday homes and properties outside of the main urban areas.
Gilpreokt started as a small local seminar event about mortgages by local banks   in 2006. Given the huge success and interest it came to inspire amongst the locals, the event grew to a larger venue those attracter bankers, investors, real estate and financial brokers who actively participated at the annual gatherings and show.
In 2008 the project broadens its conceptual borders and for the first time takes place within the Civil Residential forum with more than 18000 participants, involving more than 100 businesses and companies.  Taking into consideration the rapid growth and the potential of the event the Saint Petersburg governments soon marks the venue officially as the most popular and foreground event of 2009-2011 and Gilproekt gradually also incorporates international real estate.
Presently, the exhibition is considered as one of the biggest social event focused on real estate in Russia with more than 30000 visitors per year in Saint Petersburg only.

“We think it is the perfect time for Seabestland to attend Gilproek.” Sarin tells us.  “Although the seminars origins and ideology are related to local real estate market the overseas property has become the vital part of the venue and the interest from the St. Petersburg public has been encouraging. As a full service overseas real estate company we know these potential clients are not only interested in the selection of a great property in Spain but also need and value a company that understands the importance of the buying process. At Seabestland we accompany all of our clients from the moment they share their dream of buying an overseas home to long after they have moved in.”
Seabestland was founded in 2010 and originally offered quality residential and commercial real estate in Barcelona and Catalunya. Since then the company has expanded its product portfolio to include the more popular coastal areas of Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca as well the Balearic Islands.
“It wasn’t really a conscious choice of ours to open new areas,” Sarin continues.” It was a natural reaction to the market and the interests of our clients. After all, it is the client who ultimately decides where we work.”
For more information on Seabestland please visit httm://www.seabestland.com or write to sales@seabestland.com If you wish to attend the Gilproekt fair you can find Seabestland at Stand E23 and E24 or just visit this link to find out more. http://www.seabestland.com/en/4.3.92/i-love-spain/events/gilproet