The cornerstone of the ThorWorks Family of Brands remains the development, production and worldwide distribution of premium, eco-friendly protective coatings and equipment for asphalt and concrete pavement, roofing surfaces, foundations, sport surfaces, agricultural structures, and more. Custom formulation and production for toll manufacturing arrangements are also among ThorWorks’ specialties.

The company’s commitment to research and development, and drive to encourage grassroots sustainability, stemmed the introduction of consumer-centric brands for do-it-yourselfers. ThorWorks’ continual drive to find better ways to solve everyday problems—and its success in developing revolutionary new products—often led ThorWorks associates to the lab “in search of a better mousetrap,” which has resulted in the company’s ability to offer a diverse line of brands to meet important needs in niche markets. The need for eco-friendly dust control in equine settings, for instance, led to the creation of EquiClear turf stabilizer and ThorTurf arena footing.