SealTECH specializes in premium acrylic asphalt sealing that contains no tar, has no odor, and dries in minutes instead of days. Our product is specifically engineered for newer condition driveways that have not yet been sealed by lesser quality sealants.

We at SealTECH tend to be a bit obsessive compulsive and our clients love us for it. The experience that SealTECH provides is unrivaled in the industry. Whether you have Belgium stone lining your entire driveway or African Mahogany garage doors that you want to keep looking beautiful, SealTECH will take the time to meticulously tape off all hardscapes, walkways and everything else that adds value to your home.

We offer free driveway consultations- not estimates.  No driveway is the same and we specialize in driveways that haven't been sealed by outdated materials such as latex, coal tar  and asphalt emulsions.  We will sit down with you to decide what the best option is for your specific needs. We are honest and up front and we won't hesitate to let you know if SealTECH wouldn't be a good fit for you depending on several factors:

Age and condition of asphalt

Amount of times it has been sealed

Amount of cracks due to settling or alligatoring

Size of the the area (typical is 1000-5000 square feet)