Interactive Multilingual Thriller Book-Game, Vol. 1

If you enjoy thrilling stories filled with riddles, codes, unknown symbols, ancient languages, conspiracy theories, and many other exotic secrets and mysteries, SEALED BOOK PROJECT is created just for you.

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PRAELUDIUM is the first multilingual adventure puzzle book-game of the series of interactive CHALLENGE BOOKS suitable for people of all ages who love the excitement of reading Mystery / Thriller / Suspense / Adventure novels.

The BOOK for readers, who love CHALLENGES!


In the middle of the twentieth century, a representative of the two mightiest driving forces in society – the Church and Science – publicly announced that he had created something that had until then been considered unthinkable and impossible.
To the day he died this person never retracted his claim; moreover, many authoritative researchers in the field assert that this artifact does exist, even at this very moment, and is one of the most closely guarded secrets in human history. Where it is now and whether it has been used is anybody’s guess…
The story you are about to read offers just one possible version of what might have happened and may even be happening right now.
All places mentioned in PRAELUDIUM are real and exist to this very day.
Any resemblance to actual persons and events...could be accidental.

⚫️ What is a CHALLENGE BOOK?

In our CHALLENGE BOOKS, we offer a unique concept with which we want to challenge the readers by offering them the opportunity of personal involvement in the action by means of some special options for solving numerous puzzles, decrypt embroidered codes, rebuses, and ciphers, decrypt graphic images, musical and visual riddles that are an integral part of history.
Thus, adding a game element to reading, the reader creates a sensation that can not be compared to anything else. Specially created for the book - sounds, images, music, and graphics reinforce the overall effect and give a specific and different interactive experience, which is a pleasure for both intellect and perceptions.