Sear1ng Marketing Limited has been in business in the United Kingdom and the USA since 2007 and has been active since May 2008 in online marketing and business.  Independent advisors have been handpicked with decades of experience in business, financial (FSA), marketing and internet business.  

The wealth of experience has been added to by both of the livinglife4u and CIB groups.  The company's mission is to enable committed business people in the United Kingdom to obtain coaching, training and advice at reasonable prices.  The company specifically sets out to help small start ups including individuals wanting to start up home based businesses.  The directors set up the company following their own research into how easy it is for United Kingdom entrepreneurs to find and use information on doing business online business in particular home based business within their own country.

Initial advice is available for budding online business entrepreneurs to help them familiarise themselves with the real needs of an online business.  The advice includes tips on how to carry out research for the specific online business they want to do.  Once known determining the likely start up costs for the chosen business.   Helping people to make the optimise their choice and improve the success rate of small and home based businesses for United Kingdom residents.