Seasonal Dining Deals is dedicated to providing the residents of Naples, Florida with the largest and most complete listing of dining specials for this area. It is our goal to provide an easy to navigate, informational site that will help you enjoy that special restaurant you have always wanted to try or to find a jewel hidden in a set back strip mall. Whatever you may be looking for, we are committed to helping you enjoy great food at great values.

Local Dining
Seasonal Dining Deals is committed to promoting locally owned restaurants.  Did you know that every $100 spent at an independent, locally owned business, produces $68 of local economic impact, whereas, the same spent in a chain only leaves $43 in the local economy. This means more than half the money you spend at a chain restaurant is sent outside of your local area while your spending it at a local restaurant will keep more than half of your money in the local economy. When choosing where you will be dining please choose to dine locally.

The idea for Seasonal Dining Deals began in a living room in Naples, FL as two couples prepared to go out to dinner one August evening.  The restaurant had not yet been chosen, so the discussion was based around what each wanted to eat and what each knew about the specials being offered at local area restaurant. Ideas were coming from everywhere, first hand experiences, suggestions from coworkers,ads in the newspaper, on the radio or television.  

It was then that they realized a need for complete listing of these specials that everyone loves so much. So from an established need and a hunger for good food and great value, Seasonal Dining Deals was born.

Collier County has hundreds of places to eat. Foodies who love going out are always looking for a great deal on great food – especially in this down economy. We hope by our creating this company we not only serve the residents, tourists, and restaurants of Naples, FL but do our part to help stimulate the local economy."