Second Saturday Atlanta is a highly experienced group of independent family law attorneys, financial experts, child specialists and divorce coaches who promote the use of collaborative practice to resolve family matters in a non-adversarial manner.

The Collaborative family law approach makes the process of ending a marriage or long term relationship more respectful. The goal of Collaborative family law is a process to improve communication, decrease conflict, preserve finances and work toward the best interests of the children. That goal is accomplished by engaging in meetings with the parties and their attorneys, coaches, child specialist and the financial neutral.

The hallmark of Collaborative law is the parties’ pledge to resolve all the issues without going to court. The parties and their attorneys enter into a contract which provides that the attorneys will not represent the parties in litigation. The parties work together with the team of professionals to reach an agreement that recognizes what is important to both parties and the children. The end result is an agreement that meets everyone’s needs and preserves confidentiality.