The mission of SecureTheVillage is a cyber-secure Los Angeles. We accomplish our mission through education and community-building among our business and nonprofit, government, law enforcement and other information security / cybersecurity stakeholders.

SecureTheVillage provides C-Suite executives, their boards, and trusted advisors with the knowledge, resources, and relationships they need to meet today’s cybersecurity and privacy challenges.

Our learning community roundtables offer executives, their boards, and trusted advisors, a unique opportunity to learn from cybersecurity and privacy specialists across multiple disciplines so they can meaningfully:

- manage information security and information risk with the rigor and formality it requires, just like they now manage operations and finance

- Provide effective governance oversight over the security management of the IT network

- Build valuable working relationships between executives, leading cybersecurity & privacy experts, and law enforcement

- Strengthen the security-sensitivity of their organizational culture

Our objective is to develop — and integrate together — information security learning communities to stimulate communication, collaboration, cooperation, information sharing and outreach, assisting the Los Angeles community meet the ongoing challenges of cyber crime, cyber privacy and information security.