SeeBox is a kind of game console but:  It teaches children or students about electronic engineering in the form of a game.  It is designed to be used as a fully functioning test instrument by a professional electronics engineer on his desk during the course of his work also, offering unique advantages over traditional test equipment.

SeeBox offers lecturers at tertiary level the advantage of setting up and grading practical exams of students in a very easy and quick way. It has a fingerprint scanner for verification of the exam results of each student as well.

The SeeBox as a game console concept: Learners, young and old, watch entertaining computer animated videos to learn about concepts in electronics.  They then use that knowledge to progress through the “game” by doing real practical experiments with electronics, using PC boards and components, called Playboards.  The SeeBox measures what they are doing and, based on the outcome of the experiment, they proceed to the next level or they must try again. The aim is for the student to gain real practical understanding, not just theoretical knowledge, and all while having fun.

SeeBox seeks to address the worldwide shortage of engineers by introducing children to electronics at a young age. Africa lags behind in the training of engineers and the SeeBox offers a technological solution to this.

K Measure, developer of the SeeBox, is a small contract electronic design company based in South Africa, and operating for the past 10 years. It also imports and sells electronic test and measurement equipment to the engineering industry in Africa. K Measure has extensive experience in both electronic design and the needs of the electronic engineering industry in Africa.