SeeJoeRock is a hot new music community and network for ONLY unsigned, undiscovered, & independent musicians, bands, solo-artists & songwriters.
SJR goal is to connect these musicians with industry professionals such as promoters, managers, agents, labels, venues, photographers - anyone that can help them take their music career to the next level.
SJR gives musicians and pros a place to create a full online press kit/profile to include experience bios, photos, mp3s, music videos, performance dates and more.  SJR users can connect by networking with each other through comments and private messages. Users can also update their "Status" which is pushed to the Home Pages as well!
SJR also offers a "Postings" area to post 'Want Ads' - if a band is looking for a lead singer or drummer, or a Venue is looking to fill a spot at a show, or even to sell or find gear.
SJR Features musicians through VIDEO every week - 2 weeks.  Musician's videos get rated and pushed to the home pages - highest viewed and rated videos allow for that musician to become our FEATURED ARTISTS.
We also feature an Industry Professional with each Artist each time as well.  Pros can display their services and showcase samples of their work for other bands.
And best of all.. IT'S FREE!