For an industry employing so many people either in their home countries or working overseas we have no voice. No global community, no best standards of practice, and no global body to support us in our goal to teach English. Our industry is hugely fragmented from single schools and universities, to private for profit organizations with a multi-national presence.

Take the State of the ESL Industry Survey now

It’s hard to say how many ESL teachers there are in the world, there seems very little data on the subject. (Another reason for this survey!). One estimate from international TEFL academy puts the number of people working overseas from English speaking countries at 250,000, but what about all those of you not working overseas or are not 1st language English speaker? We are talking into the millions.

Our aim is to learn on a global scale about class sizes, technology in the classroom, your plans for the future and what you think of our industry. This information will then be consolidated and a report shared with anyone who would like to read it. We hope that the information will be invaluable to you in giving insights into our industry, and where you stand in it.

We would like make the State of the ESL Industry Survey a standardized survey, answered once a year by as many ESL teachers as possible, so we can build a trend overtime to share with the participants.

The questionnaire is 15 mostly multiple choice questions which should take no more than 5 minutes to answer.  It’s completely anonymous if you want it to be, we won’t even ask your name.

So we ask you to please get involved and take the survey and if you would like to help more, please click the social sharing buttons below and share this article, so that more people take the State of the ESL Industry Survey and we will have great results to share with you. Thank you.