Selfi3D is one of two official Artec -Shapify Scanning Points located in the Western United States.

Industry veteran Artec Group develops and manufactures innovative solutions and products. The company, consists of a team of high-calibre specialists who have been working together for more than 10 years, and who are seen as leading experts in the sphere of capturing/processing  3D surfaces. Expertise includes 3D Scanning Technology, Biometrics, 3D Software, Access Control Systems, 3D Face Recognition Technology and Security Products .

Our customers are in great company:  NASA, Coca Cola, Hyundai Motors, engineers, artists, scientists, medical professionals and TV and Motion Picture productions like The TV Show “ Big Bang Theory” and the movie “World War Z”,are just a few mentionables.

The Selfi3D component provides a variety of three dimensional products and services with a focus on miniature 3D printed true-to-life replicas of individuals, sports teams, families, club members, and groups of all types.

Our cutting edge technology is second to none. Our people are courteous, responsive, and professional. Our studio is easily accessible. Our products are affordable.