Why a Selfpublishedbookstore.com?
We started in March of 2011. I have authored 7 self-published books. My self-publishing company sells but does not market the books. I usually bought the books at my cost and gave them away or sold them at cost. One day as I was sitting in the parking lot of Best Buy (Did you know they don’t open until 10AM?) I was thinking about how there had to be a better way to sell and market self-published books. Then a spark went off, why not a website dedicated to sell and market self-published books? Thus Selfpublishedbookstore.com began. I spent several hundred of my own dollars to begin company…WITHOUT ANY AUTHORS/BOOKS (except for my own). Since then I am adding an author everyday. It seems there are many self-published authors who feel my same frustration.

I spent the first 2 months just putting books on the shelves. I now have over 60 books and ebooks. I am marketing the books in many ways on the web: facebook, twitter, LinkIn, Tumblr , PR services, etc. There was also an article in my local paper that people have seen statewide. I am marketing with signs, cards, postcards. I will market at book fairs and trade shows. I highlight different books at different times.

We have many wonderful authors. We have books in many genres. I will be adding children’s books, horror, and other books soon. I am adding new books daily..

Many books that are popular were initially self-published: A Time to Kill, What Color is Your Parachute, The Bridges of Madison County, The Shack (which is still self-published), Chicken Soup for the Soul and many others. I am just a guy looking for a better way to get some very good books out there.