Sellmark is dedicated to making "Brands That Sell" by developing, manufacturing, marketing, and distributing outdoor products.  Strategic product categories consist of night vision, laser sights, boresights, reflex sights, riflescopes, mobile hunting accessories and treestands.  Sellmark's focus is on products under served by the outdoor market, bringing quality, innovation and price together for a compelling experience for the consumer.  The most popular brands are Sightmark, Yukon Advanced Optics, Amacker Outdoors, Firefield and Pulsar.  

Mission Statement: Sellmark's mission is to locate niches in which products are overpriced, out of date or non-existent, and creating a compelling retail solution.

Our Vision: Sellmark and its employees are committed to bringing the most ingenious, highest quality and cost effective products to the ever changing global marketplace. We strive to provide our customers with the best value in consumer outdoor products by integrating the latest technologies, designs, operational excellence and marketing efforts in order to enhance people’s outdoor experiences.  Sellmark focuses on developing products that are underserved in the marketplace by synthesizing uncommon quality, innovation, and price in all consumer products. Sellmark has dominated consumer night vision for the last decade and by delivering significant competitive advantages, Sellmark is steadily becoming an industry leader in varmint riflescopes, laser based sights, digital fusion products and hunting accessories.  

History: In 2001 Sellmark strategically decided to cease providing marketing services and started focusing their marketing expertise as a distributor. In 2002 Sellmark entered the outdoor industry and by 2003 Sellmark successfully launched Yukon Advanced Optics in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia. In 2006, Sellmark's growth exceeded the capacity of its largest European manufacturer and has since added several manufacturing partners worldwide. In 2007 Sellmark began manufacturing a full range of outdoor products under different brands and in various categories. Sightmark was introduced in the spring of 2007 and has already become a major player in the outdoor industry. Recently, Sellmark has filed several patents and released many new products that are receiving accolades from consumers and awards from industry associations and publications. In addition to launching Sightmark, Sellmark has acquired other outdoor goods companies such as Amacker Outdoors, Firefield and Pulsar.