Selman & Associates has assisted a homeowner in Oak Forest Illinois to install a solar thermal system by specifying the system to be installed, soliciting quotes from solar thermal system installers, and providing engineering expertise necessary to help the homeowner select an installer.


The solar thermal system includes two flat plate collectors, storage and drain-back tanks, and all piping and controls necessary to ensure a successful installation.

Selman & Associates is an Engineering Consulting firm offering dedicated, personal, one-on-one service for your design, manufacturing and construction requirements.


Selman & Associates offers the services of a Professional Engineer who is registered in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia to meet your project specific requirements.


Additional Recent Projects Include :


Seismic restraint design for compliance with International Building Code and SMACNA requirements.


Energy audits according to ASHRAE guidelines for the reduction of facility operational expenses related to electricity, compressed air and water.


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