Search the SemiTrade way. Our completely free electronic component search engine will give you access to millions of lines of real distributor stock, and give you all the resources you need to get the quote and get it off your desk. Try our full featured search above to see stock of hard to find, long lead time, and obsolete EOL component stock from several quality distributors from around the globe. Need more tools? Register for our always free buyers membership to gain access to features like real time chat with suppliers and dedicated quote boxes for better organization. Have a ton of devices to source? Simply upload the list and with a single click send to all qualified distributors showing stock. Its that easy. Make SemiTrade your number one source for semiconductor procurement.

About Us:
SemiTrade was designed from the ground up to be the most powerful sales and procurement platform in the industry. Offering our users a completely free way to source components. We are the only procurement platform that puts our suppliers in front of thousands of OEM's, CM's, Exporters, and other Distributors without the constraints of a paid membership. Our technology is the backbone of SemiTrade that no other system can match. Using the power of Social Networking, SEO, and advanced .NET technologies, we can provide our user the exposure and sourcing potential needed to get the job done in today’s economy.

Your data and security is one of our biggest priorities. Web scrapping, and robots that gather personal and business information along with copying and re-posting inventory has been a major concern in our industry and we are constantly making improvements to ensure your information, contacts, and data remain protected.

I invite you to give SemiTrade a try risk free. Don’t see a feature you want? We welcome all feedback and are always making improvements to enhance the performance, usefulness, and all around experience of the site.

-Procurement Dashboard
The SemiTrade Procurement Dashboard is specifically designed to keep you on top. This fully customizable dashboard allows you to place Widgets in any order and in any location on the screen, giving you maxim visibility to the information you need.  
-Dedicated Sales & Purchasing Inboxes
Keep track of all your sales leads and purchasing quotes in a intuitively designed RFQ system. Simultaniously respond to several quotes at once, keep track of all correspondance and start a new escrow transaction. All from the same screen.  
-Escrow Service
Keep track of all your sales leads and purchasing quotes in a intuitively designed RFQ system. Simultaniously respond to several quotes at once, keep track of all correspondance and start a new escrow transaction. All from the same screen.  
-Connect Instant RFQ and Messenging System
SemiTrade now offers even more ways to get pricing and delivery faster. You can now instantly connect to the distributor showing stock and request your quote through our real time messenging system. The system is specially designed to capture the RFQ and post to your sales and purchasing inboxes. This is one more way SemiTrade is helping to keep you organized.  
-Source Global Suppliers
Finding the part you need is easy. Instantly source glabal stock from suppliers around the world. Use the advanced criteria settings to narrow your search to specific regions and vendors.

-BOM Upload & Multi RFQ
Have a large BOM? Use SemiTrade's advanced BOM upload tool and instantly see the suppliers that have stock for each item on your list. Set your criteria and stock requirements and hit send. Instantly sends a Request For Quote to all qualifying suppliers showing the parts you need. From there, just watch the quotes come in all from your purchasing inbox.
- Requirements & Hot Offers
Have Excess material you want to offload? Cant find the parts you need? Exclusive to SemiTrade members, you can now flag your requirements and hot offers to be posted and made available to thousands of suppliers and purchasing agents world wide. Even if they are not members. By using the power of social networking and search engines like google, its now easier then ever to get the buy and sell.  
-API Integration
Use SemiTrade API to integrate with your existing internal CRM software or website. You can now source parts without signing in to Semitrade.com.  
Stay in touch with the industry by collaborating with other industry professional in our exclusive members only forum.  
Semitrade's sourcing platform was designed specifically to keep your information safe. We have a zero tolorance policy for fualty stock postings, harrasment, and datamining. The SemiTrade staff is committed to making your transactions as painless as possible.  
-Supplier Ratings
You can now rate the suppliers that you do business with. By rating them, you spread the message of promoting the suppliers you have had a good experience with.