Seminole Behavioral Healthcare is proud to offer online courses and education as part of our service to the greater community. We are a provider of professional CEUs through the Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family and Mental Health Counseling  and the Florida Certification Board. Our many training opportunities are just some of the services available through Seminole Behavioral Healthcare's Academy.

Online CEUs can be a convenient tool for today's busy professionals. Our basic mental health courses can provide valuable information to teachers, ministers, guidance counselors, medical professionals, law enforcement officers, human resource managers, and others who are in regular contact with those who might be experiencing mental health concerns. Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out how it all works.

Our "Toward a Basic Understanding Of:" series contains the six components of Mental Health First Aid. Our online courses will provide you with a basic understanding of each topic. In order to become certified in Mental Health First Aid, you must attend a 12 hour course sponsored by The National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare. This course is available regularly through Seminole Behavioral Healthcare, as well as other sites throughout the country. Simply click the Mental Health First Aid link above for more information about our 12 hour program.