Sempa Power Systems Ltd. (“Sempa”) is a smart grid company in business to provide Ancillary Services to the operators of electricity grids.  Our first service offering to this market will be the provision of System Regulation (“Regulation”), which refers to the controlled fluctuation of generation or load within the grid to ensure the second-by-second matching of electricity supply and demand.  More broadly, Ancillary Services refers to services other than the large scale generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.

Sempa has designed and a highly novel approach to Regulation using a network of independent but centrally managed assets (“Resources”) which represent loads on, or generation sources to, the grid.  The Regulation Services Network (“RSN”) is an example of the use of “demand side” resources (i.e. resources which have a primary operating purpose other than servicing the grid) to manage the grid. This is a growing trend in electricity markets.

Sempa History:

Sempa was founded in 2003 by three individuals with extensive experience in buildings and energy systems. The company began by completing audits on buildings in Whistler, BC, aimed at achieving results that would deliver real and feasible savings, while reducing emissions and total energy use.

In 2003 Sempa developed a hybrid heating system. The system reduced heating system costs by implementing a carefully managed fuel switching methodology. Electric heat would supplement or replace fossil fuel heat when feasible. International patents have been filed for this concept.

Since early 2009 with the increase of intermittent renewable energy production, Sempa has refocused its business on the development, demonstration and commercial deployment of the RSN.  The technical expertise developed in the heritage business has provided Sempa with significant advantage in the development of this new technology.