Senior Safety App is an android based phone monitor with a GPS tracker for seniors. Including all the below features:

1. Quick and Easy Way To Request Help & Raise Alarm (SOS Alert):
Quick access to help gets seniors the attention they need without precious time being wasted. SOS messages are sent out with the real-time location to help you reach the device user quickly.

2. Fall Alert:
The Senior Safety App fall tracker was created for the explicit purpose of tracking falls and alerting the app owner when the device user needs help.

3. Location Monitoring with Geo-fence Alerts:
Senior Safety App keeps a tab on how many times the device user visited a certain address and tracks both the route and speed of the user. Monitor the location of the device 24/7  along with speed, elevation, and bearing. Review 90-day location history.

4. Inactivity Tracker:
Configure the Senior Safety App to alert you in case the phone remains inactive for a long period of time. Every alert is sent with the device location so that help can be sent quickly. You can pick any time interval between 1 and 12 hours of inactivity for the alert to be activated.

5. Low Battery Alert
The most common reason for a phone to be offline is the battery going out. Configure the Senior Safety App to send you an alert if the battery is close to running out. The app lets you pick from options between 5% and 25% to get an email when the battery is low along with the location of the device. This feature also helps seniors find their devices when they are lost.

6: App Usage & Location Logs:
A simple daily report shows you Apps Usage, Locations visited and Alerts. Login to the control panel to review a complete history of phone usage with 24/7 location tracking going back up to 3 months.

7: Location Tracking & History:
No more calling several times to see where your loved ones are – monitor remotely from your online console to track current location and location history of up to 90 days. Keep an eye on your senior loved ones and ensure they travel safely and stay out of dangerous situations.

8: High Ambient Noise Alert:
High ambient noise is one of the reasons for anxiety and can lead to hearing damage. The high ambient noise alert sends you an email if your loved one is exposed to high noise levels for over 10 seconds. You can configure the noise threshold on the app configuration.

9: Dangerous Situations Alert:
High G-forces can be caused by many activities, including sports, violent behavior or rash driving. Configure the acceptable level of G-force based on your senior’s lifestyle to get an alert when this is exceeded. Just knowing when your loved one could be in a dangerous situation can be very useful in trying to keep them safe from high risk activities. This has proven to be very useful when seniors choose to drive independently.

For more information on the app, go to https://www.seniorsafetyapp.com/ or download from Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.seniorsafety