Serafine Skin uses the science of medicinal topicals to create a therapy skin care line unlike any other on the market.  

Typical skincare lines include a variety of products that start with a cleanser and end in a moisturizer. Serafine is made with all natural ingredients that are designed to help the client feel pampered and indulged. The formulations also are made to alleviate common skin conditions and nuisances that most skin care lines don’t address.

When people think medicine, they usually think of a bottle of pills with instructions on it.  Occasionally the medicine is a drink of some sort. Medicine isn't usually thought about being absorbed into the skin, but that’s exactly what the science of medicinal topicals is built on, dermal absorption.  

When a drug is absorbed well through the skin, it is prescribed in the form of liniments, lotions, creams, aerosols, and transdermal patches.

The same concepts, which not widely considered in our beauty industry, apply to makeup and skincare products as well. Women can absorb up to five pounds of makeup each year through their skin.  This is pretty scary considering at least 4 deadly chemicals are often found in lotions moisturizers, soap and makeup.

Enter Serafine Skin- a company built on the science of therapeutic natural products.  Serafine's owners and creators spent a decade researching the science of topicals and their uses. Their first company, Gourmedd in Phoenix, Arizona, focused primarily on making cannabis products and teaching the science of cannabis consumption.  Gourmedd has spent countless hours in chemistry labs and commercial kitchens working closely with plants and their oils. They created a medicated topical line including products for pain, eczema, and other uncomfortable, embarrassing skin conditions.

Using these concepts and borrowing from the original successful recipes, Serafine was created. None of the Serafine products contain cannabis but they all do contain hemp seed oil that can be bought at any natural grocer. The mission is to offer products that promote therapeutic healing in the body and luxury to make the user feel young and beautiful.

Cooling Crème is an anti-inflammatory cream that helps sunburn and ease skin after waxing. However, it can be used on the skin purely for the moisturizing it provides. Magic Mud is used to fight infections and heal sores but also can be used as a detoxifying facemask.  

Serafine’s creators have already made waves in one industry, and in 2017 they bring a brand new approach to the skincare industry as well.