For decades we have helped customers world-wide with:
-Innovative solution development & enhancement
-Coupling software with hardware for un-matched solution efficiency
-Mobile and cloud-based solution implementation on WAN/LAN networks
-Company wide mobile data collection both stand-alone and company integrated NFC/RFID and bar code solutions mobile devices
-Connecting legacy equipment with modern equipment for maximum customer ROI

We were first in the world to offer SerialMagic to connect Bluetooth wireless NFC, RFID, barcode readers to Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, PalmOS, and Linux on Zaurus. We provide a wide range of NFC badges, wristbands and tags for many applications.

Our free barcode generation cloudware tool is used by countless users and companies.

Our products and solutions are used in almost every industry you can think of. We provide turn-key NFC, RFID, & barcode solutions, as well as sub-systems to use with existing solutions.
Solution category sampling:
*Mobile order writing and restocking
*Field inventory, expiration date tracking and cycle counting
*Security auditing, monitoring, check points & Job time tracking
*Attendee management, check-ins, regulatory attendee accountability
*Automated mobile and fixed crib management
*Location-based data capture for NFC, RFID, barcodes & mobile data sensors
*Mobile livestock data tracking and capture.