A network integration that interfaces Attorney’s and Process Server’s current software systems facilitating sending and receiving data and documents electronically through the system. Data and documents from multiple Process Serving Companies are uploaded to Attorney’s software.
Service Exchange Network, LLC set out to reduce most of the related costs of preparation, management and communication between Collection Law Firms and Process Serving Companies. Currently most of this process is still being handled manually and at a significant expense. Because of this, the Serve-X™ team at Service Exchange Network, LLC has created a new technology solution. There is no new program to learn and the only technical skills needed are the ones you already possess for your current litigation software. Serve-X™ is installed operating in the background allowing data and documents from the Attorney to automatically populate the Process Serving Company’s system. Serve-X™ manages the translation and transportation of data between the most popular systems used by Attorneys and Process Serving Companies. It is a rich client application that allows for management of multiple Process Serving Companies from your firm’s existing litigation software. Remarkably, we do not require a move away from your current service of process providers because Serve-X™ was designed to facilitate the communication between Attorneys and their existing Process Serving Companies.  Serve-XTM can be interfaced with existing or proprietary Process Serving and Attorney software programs directly or indirectly using a Jobs Management Console for Attorneys.

Benefits of Serve-XTM
•The ability to exchange data easily through an interface with Process Serving companies that requires no direct charge to Attorney Firms, set up cost or monthly fee.
•The ability to send documents electronically allowing more time for the Process Server to complete jobs and increasing serve percentages.
•The ability for Attorney Firms to better manage staff time by decreasing the need for phone calls, emails and checking multiple web sites for status and completion updates regardless of how many Process Serving companies are involved.
•The ability to receive proof of service documents and invoices electronically from  Process Serving companies.
•The ability to run reports by numerous search criteria; additionally, reports may be scheduled and emailed automatically to multiple recipients.
•No program or software to purchase.

What our clients are saying,
"Serve-X™ has revolutionized how we send jobs to our Process Servers. In the past we would mail the services to the Process Server and we'd have to wait until for the Process Server to update us. Now with the help of Serve-X™, we are able to electronically download the services directly into our Process Server's software. It is once the job is on Serve-X™ that the real magic starts to happen. Every time we run the Serve-X™ File & Serve Interface, [our Attorney Software] automatically downloads status of service, any comments made by Process Servers as well as copies of the actual Affidavit of Service they intend to file and invoice for services. Serve-X™ has been a tremendous program for our law firm. It has reduced a significant portion of labor that we had devoted to "service" issues and it helps us get closer to the automation we all want out of our software. We will definitely be requiring all of our Process Servers to use software that is compatible with Serve-X™", Stuart K. Mullen, Director of Operations, Faber and Brand, said.(April 2009)

“We have been using Serve-X™ [with Kellerman Investigations, Q-Law & PST] for the last two months, and our office loves it! We have been able to cut in one half the time my employee’s entire job duties. This would take 2-3 days a week entering all the services for each file and move the file forward to update the EDI client’s status information. Now we only have to upload and download Serve-X™ daily, and that takes only 5 minutes.  I highly recommend any office that deals with any type of volume process serving to use this as it costs nothing and only a nominal increase in your process serving fees!”, said Chris Rush, The Shindler Law Firm, Schaumburg, IL. (April 2009)

Service Exchange Network, LLC, (Serve-XTM), is an Illinois-based company founded in 2008.  Serve-XTM was created by an established national Litigation Software firm and a Process Serving firm to establish a cooperative bi-directional solution which is not exclusive of any independent Process Server or Attorney firm desiring to significantly mitigate costs and enhance their business’ technology emphasis.Service Exchange Network, LLC. members are supporters of NAPPS, WAD, WADI, Process Servers Toolbox, Loyal Dog, ServeNow, ACA, NARCA and CLLA.

Contact us at info@servex.biz or 888-573-7839 ext 11