ServeArticles services and solutions are designed, deployed and Operated with the aim of improving the cost performance of our Customers’ current IT Service delivery. ServeArticles have a standard approach to all client engagements, based on industry best practice and years of experience, which ensures ServeArticles is able to offer an improved IT solution based on what was there previously. At the very least ServeArticles offers IT services that deliver you at least the same level of service that you are currently receiving but for less cost!
The benefits of having a managed service with ServeArticles include:
• Access to the right skilled resource
• 24x7x365 availability
• Fully managed service desk

ServeArticles web development experts inject new flow and efficiency into your daily site operation routine. As experts in complex corporate / enterprise web development and sophisticated portal site development, we build robust, flexible, scalable and effective web applications.

Vast Pool of IT Professionals
Whether you need a top-notch expert with a specific knowledge or a team with diverse technology skills and domain expertise ServeArticles has a pool of over 250 IT experts including business analysts, project managers, software architects, web and graphic designers, flash animators, software developers, quality assurance and testing specialists.

Our Expertise
As a complete web development company from start to finish, ServeArticles has developed its skills in many different areas. In recent years our focus has been on Web 2.0 browser applications and social networking websites. We have experienced guys in J2EE,Dotnet,C,C++ etc. Our focus is to not create sites that are already available, but to add new and unique features that can set them apart from the crowd.  

Web Development Web Design Flash
·   PHP 4/5 ·   Web 2.0 Designs ·   Flash
·   MYSQL ·   Logos ·   Flex
·   Ruby On Rails ·   Photoshop ·   AS 2&3
·   ASP.NET ·   Illustrator ·   Media Servers
·   AJAX ·   CSS/XHTML (Flash, Red5,)
·   XHTML QA Testing Marketing Webmaster Services
·   Load ·   SEO ·   Site updates
·   Usability ·   SEM ·   Content writing
·   Security ·   SMM ·   Blog setup
·   Functionality ·   PPC ·   Turnkey sites
·   Internet Marketing
·   Email Marketing

Contract Types

We understand that when it comes to contracts, we can’t insist on a one size fits all contract. Different clients have different requirements, and various projects have all kinds of demands.
Therefore we have different contract types available to suit your needs.  
 ·   Per Project Basis (Fixed Price Contract)
This is the most inflexible for all. The fixed price contract is designed for projects that have a clear specification already drawn up and the client has a clear understanding of what the project requires. The project will be built to the specifications provided and any changes will incur additional costs - agreed for prior to the changes being made.  

·   Time and Material (Monthly Contract)
This is more flexible and is suitable for large projects or projects which have no clear specification when starting. ServeArticles will help develop the specification from the beginning. There is no fixed end date for these projects, and new changes and additions can be introduced at any time. The charge is based on the number of resources used and for how long.  
·   Retainer
This is for projects that have been completed by us to the specifications required. You may wish to keep a programmer on retainer to make any tweaks that you require at any time. A developer that is on retainer will be available to you within 24 hours notice.