Founded in 1984, Server Technology is located in Reno, Nevada, where the company develops, manufactures and distributes its Sentry line of power distribution units and switches.

Server Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures products to reduce downtime and improve data center power management. Products include intelligent Cabinet Power Distribution Units (PDU's), that provide power management via IP, branch circuit protection, input current power monitoring, environmental monitoring and serial console port access.

Server Technology Inc. is recognized as a leader in innovative remote power management solutions, originally manufacturing a line of remotely addressable power units called the Sentry Remote Power Managers. Available for both AC and DC power supply, these products enable remote power control (off, on, reboot) of servers and internetworking devices in data centers, remote equipment rooms, POP sites, Telco central offices and co-location facilities. These products have a variety of applications, including server management, data center power management, maintaining backbone equipment and Customer Premise Equipment.

Server Technology was the first company to bring Input Current Monitoring to the market with digital display indicators built into Sentry enclosures to report the True RMS Input Current load (in amps) on each power circuit. Data Center managers use these values to properly load balance and maximize power circuits - eliminating the guesswork of power planning and forecasting and improving data center power management.

Today's products are designed for all types of facilities- from wiring closets in remote branch offices, high-power, high-density three-phase power equipment cabinets in enterprise data centers to Telco facilities managing routers and other network devices.

Data Center Efficiency with Sentry Power Manager (SPM) and Per Outlet Power Sensing(POPS).

The Sentry POPS Switched CDU CWG-16V(C13/C19) is a mixed outlet Cabinet Power Distribution Unit with network and serial-based power management and alerting capabilities of the Switched Cabinet PDU plus the ability to monitor:

Current Load (A)
Voltage (V)
Power (W)
Apparent Power(VA)
Crest Factor and
Power Factor per individual outlets.

Utilizing our outlet grouping feature, power information is available per device (multiple outlets), groups of devices (applications), cabinet, or individual CDU.  Combine the Sentry POPS Switched Cabinet PDU with the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) software tool to cluster outlets and gain power usage information across multiple Cabinet PDU's individual IP address.

The Sentry Power Manager (SPM) provides power distribution unit power (kW and kW-h) monitoring and environmental monitoring across all Sentry CDU's within the network.  Reboot a single or dual-power supply server with one command.  Receive email alerts when power or environmental conditions exceed thresholds.  Assign users specific access rights to designated outlets or groups.  Only the Sentry Power Manager is capable of regulating all Sentry Cabinet PDU's across the network while providing power readings and management at an outlet level.

Server Technology's commitment to detail and excellence can be seen in its core competencies:

   * Order fulfillment excellence
   * Top tier Sales Organization
   * Product Leadership through Innovative Solutions

Server Technology is an ISO certified company:

   * ISO 9002: 1994
   * ISO 9001: 1994
   * ISO 9001: 2000


Server Technology is a privately held company headquartered in Reno, Nevada.
Our worldwide customer base includes: > Apple > Ask.com > AT&T > Barclays > Cingular > Cisco > Cox Communications > Deutsche Bank > Edward Jones > Equinix > Friendster > General Electric > Harvard University > Intel > Microsoft > NetApp > Motorola > Pzer > Shuttery > Time Warner > Thomson Financial > U.S. Coast Guard > Wachovia > Verizon > Wells Fargo > Yahoo and many others.

How to Order

Server Technology manufactures and distributes its Sentry power distribution products directly to its customer base. Please contact one of our Sales Representatives who will gladly consult with you to identify the correct remote power management solution to support your network environment and address any questions about our power management products.

Call a Server Technology Sales Representative at 1-800-835-1515 or (775) 284-2000 to review your requirements. Our sales consultants can review Server Technology's flexible and scalable remote power management solutions, including the full line of Sentryâ„¢ Remote Power Managers for both your AC and DC power supply. You may also email requests to sales@servertech.com for more information.

We encourage you to contact a representative by emailing sales@servertech.com in order to identify the proper cabinet pdu solution for your Data Center needs.