The Service Proz mission is "to provide practical, efficient, dependable and logical software that improves the operational efficiencies of home service businesses."

Since the introduction of Cloud-based, on-demand service management software, the entire organization is connected all-day, every day, and anywhere in the world with the information they need.  There are no more disagreements or misunderstandings because all information is always available.

The Office Manager sees the full picture of the entire business including daily work orders, the schedule, customer appointments, and billing.

The Dispatch team sees the planned schedule, its current progress, and swiftly reacts to changes.

The Field Technician sees their scheduled work and all necessary details on their smartphone or tablet such as when, where, the type of work, skills needed, and customer details.

The Sales Person sees complete customer information on their iPad (or other tablet) knowing the customer’s exact requirements even before they attend the sales call.

You get all of this and more with Service Proz. Sign up for a free trial or purchase your Service Proz solution today.

Our History
The dream of building Service Proz began with Billy Leverett, our CEO, in 2009.  His passion and drive for developing a cutting edge software application, along with his understanding of the market shift towards hosted applications (or Software-as-a-Service), pushed him to build this innovative platform.  Service Proz is not just online software, it is a complete business solution.

Since its initial development, Service Proz has listened to what their customer base wants and continues to improve and further develop this premium Complete Business Solution.

Billy Leverett has over 30 years’ experience in the software industry during which time he has witnessed the continual evolution of software. This gave Billy a keen understanding of software applications, programs, and the intricacies of developing and delivering software-as-a-service. Billy has held senior technological roles at various service companies, most significantly for BillQuest Inc and ITT.
Prior to developing and deploying Service Proz, Billy helped develop and implement a triple-play billing system for Billquest. Billy holds a Bachelor of Science in Business and Computer Science from Troy University.