Your Media Production Partner

At Sesalos we have invested in the finest people and facilities to ensure that you have access to the best media production facilities to meet your needs. Please feel free to browse our informative articles, media packages, portfolio and a variety of other services that we offer here at Sesalos.

Complete Web Based Internet Services

Sesalos provides a complete web based internet service that covers Web Development, Web Design, Internet Research and Search Engine Optimisation. Our internet service also extends to a unique modular website system that provides you with professional web tools at a fraction of the cost. View our ‘Unisite’ video here.
We are even in the business of educating people on developing their internet presence though a very informative free presentation ‘Four Key Success Factors to Successfully Growing Your Business Online’.

Top Class Recording Facilities

Our recording studios are geared towards providing the best recording experience. Browse our studio or our recording packages and you will find a top class international recording is just a few steps away.

In additional we offer a comprehensive product in Music Composition, Broadcast Audio and Radio Advertising Production.

TV & Video Production and Post Production Services

We provide professional production and post production services. Our Diverse experience ranges from TV Advertising, Corporate Videos to crewing on International Music Videos, and everything in between.
An innovative new approach to TV Production has allowed Sesalos to offer a variety of products in Cost Effective High Quality TV Production that drastically reduce the costs of standard production.
We are also in the business of creating electronic press kits to promote your business, your music and your products with.