Sethi Petroleum Inc., a Sethi Financial Partners company, is an independent energy producing company headquartered in Dallas, Texas and founded in 2003. We specialize in being able to provide both private and institutional investors with an inside perspective to the energy industry. Our objective is to be able to provide a means by which both private and institutional parties can capitalize on the oil and gas industry from diversification, tax incentives but primarily ground-floor or industrial investment opportunities.

To date, Sethi Petroleum Inc. has helped place nearly one billion dollars of institutional capital and over 30 million of private equity in developmental projects, producing assets, leasing and seismic opportunities, onshore, offshore, domestic and abroad.
Sameer P. Sethi, President, Sethi Petroleum is available for interviews. Contact Alex Gray of Sethi Financial Partners, at (972) 509-9101 to arrange. For more information visit our website:www.sethipetroleum.com.

SETHI FINANCIAL Partners – 101 E. Park Blvd Plano, TX 75074 – (972) 509-9100

Sethi Petroleum formerly known as Sethi Oil and Gas, Inc.