SettleiTsoft® is a web-based and mobile accessible debt negotiation platform that offers 24/7 assistance to debtors and creditors as a bridge to facilitate and streamline the debt settlement process.  SettleiTsoft is designed to replace the traditional methods of debt resolution with an intuitive, interactive, transparent and secure online debt settlement process that gives consumers complete control of negotiations as to the terms of their debt settlements and creditor payment agreements.  The software displays step-by- step instructions, with topic-specific videos through every section of the user interface.

The platform supports a highly secured private messaging technology that includes live Chat and virtual debt negotiations process.  Documents are cloud-stored for anywhere/anytime access.  SettleiTsoft is built to integrate with third party vendors that have a key role in the debt settlement process, such as escrow, legal counsel and pre-paid debit card companies. The platform enables the debt negotiation process “on the go” through secure, easy to use web portals and customized mobile applications. SettleiTsoft features include automatic archiving of all communications within the platform for auditing purposes, the ability to search all interactions for keywords and adjust the debt negotiation process in real time. The software allows debtors and creditors to negotiate repayment terms as well as accept, reject or counteroffer proposed settlement figures.

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