OCALA, FLA. (Feb., 26, 2014)—  HYPERLINK "https://www.Facebook.com/SevenGunGames" Seven Gun Games of Ocala, Fl has cookies on the brain. Not just any cookies but living, breathing cookies who are superheroes, pirates, outlaws and even scientists. While that may sound like the sugar-fueled dreams of a child, it’s actually the vision for a game by Seven Gun’s owner, Duane Schor. A vision he’s hoping their  HYPERLINK "https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1834445660/cookie-dunk-dunk" Kickstarter campaign will fund.  
    “This project has really taken on a mind of its own,” said Schor. “We’re a small company but we know we can compete with the bigger guys because we listened to gamers and what they wanted. Now the gamers have a chance to be a part of something huge and I think that’s awesome.”
    Seven Gun Games launched their Kickstarter campaign on February, 19 and has less than 38 days to meet their goal of $56,000. With Kickstarter, it’s all or nothing so reaching their goal is crucial to making the game,  HYPERLINK "https://www.Facebook.com/CookieDunkDunk" Cookie Dunk Dunk, a reality.
    Cookie Dunk Dunk, is a strategy-based skill and puzzle game with gameplay much like that of Candy Crush and Bejeweled. This freemium game model isn’t new, but Seven Gun has taken the genre to the next level by creating a comprehensive world in which their characters live and have adventures; a world they call “The Cookieverse.”
    “We wanted to make something really unique for game players,” said Schor. “The cookies all have their own unique personalities, worlds and back stories that make the experience different from any other game out there.”
Seven Gun had more than just gamers in mind when they created Cookie Dunk Dunk, they also had Apple in mind. The game was created according to Apple’s high standards for iOS apps, and as such, will be a featured game on the Apple iTunes store; a coveted spot for any application.
In true Kickstarter fashion, the campaign will give supporters a range of prizes for contributing to the cause. The prizes range from wallpapers and posters to Cookie Dunk Dunk merchandise and even the chance to spend the day with owner Duane Schor.
         The team at Seven Guns is no stranger to hard work and people are taking notice. In January, they took home the 2014 Governor’s Innovators in Business Award for Major Market Newcomer in Florida. They have also been feature in Ocala Innovation Magazine, Ocala Magazine, and on popular gaming sites such as Touch Arcade. In addition to working on Cookie Dunk Dunk, they have 14 other titles in their library including the Macworld Best Designed Game Award winner, Ramp Champ, and the highly anticipated Ramp Champ 2.
         With their Kickstarter campaign in full swing, gamers—and cookie lovers everywhere—have a chance to be a part of cookie gaming history; a very sweet deal indeed.
         For more information, contact Rodney Jenkins at  HYPERLINK "mailto:22cal@7gungames.com" 22cal@7gungames.com