The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication (I.R.O.C.2) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a new way of social thinking as it relates to the use of digital technologies.

It is dedicated to educating society about safety, self responsibility, self accountability and the devastating and life altering consequences that can occur when failing to apply our concept of "Digital Responsibility" while using the internet, cell phones and other digital technologies.

The organization's creation is based on overwhelming public evidence that many individuals are not aware of the short and long term consequences of their own actions when utilizing our world's rapidly evolving digital technologies irresponsibly.


What makes our Institute different than many private and public organizations dedicated to internet safety is our approach.

I.R.O.C.2 is focused on introducing our seminar attendees to our unique concept of social thinking as it relates to "Digital Responsibility".

There are many worthy and invaluable organizations that offer the public intelligent and necessary tips and safety information about very important and relevant issues that affect our online experiences such as viruses, spyware, cyber bullying, identity theft, scams, fraud, Sexting, predators, and on, and on, and on!!!!


The Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication utilizes a more interactive, straight forward and unique approach towards communicating this information to society and how to proactively avoid it through Digital Responsibility!!!

Our Institute is summoned by a wide variety of public and private institutions from educational facilities to corporations to communicate the consequences of poor online judgment to their audiences through our unique blend of technological and psychological expertise.

Our seminars not only provide an effective new way of thinking when using digital technologies, but we illustrate why it is necessary to employ our concept of "Digital Responsibility" through basic technological concepts and methods to compliment our message and illustrate how quickly and easily poor online judgment can produce devastating consequences.

Think about it...

Despite all of the information available about internet safety, how many of us, especially tweens, teens, and young adults are really seeking out this information for ourselves?

Schedule a seminar today and bring our unique and informative approach to you!